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Winn Feline Foundation Fip Symposium Summary Document Unveiled

Wyckoff, New Jersey, March 31, 2020: Winn Feline Foundation hosted expert researchers from around the world for a symposium on feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), PURRsuing FIP and WINNing, at the University of California, Davis, November 16 and 17, 2019. The Winn Feline Foundation, the world’s premiere non-profit funder of cat health studies, has been supporting studies on FIP since the disease was first discovered decades ago.

The two-day Symposium brought hundreds of attendees together, both onsite and online, from around the globe. The event consisted of round table discussions and a few short presentations. These sessions provided the latest information about FIP, including new therapeutics; what shelters and catteries are doing to diminish FIP and the potential for creating an effective vaccine. Veterinary professionals are advised on treatment options, as FIP always considered fatal, is now being re-classified as treatable. Participants left with an enhanced understanding of the best recommendations for treatment and prevention, as well information regarding future research that is underway.

Two compounds that have been trialed successfully to treat FIP are closely aligned in structure to Remdesivir, which is now being trialed to treat COVID-19 in humans.

“Winn Feline Foundation Education Committee, along with the Symposium moderators have been working diligently to summarize the information that was presented, and today we unveil this important and informative document.”, says Julie Legred, CVT, Winn Feline Foundation’s Executive Director, “We want this information available to provide the best prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care possible for all cats.”

The Summary can be found on the Winn Feline Foundation’s website and will be available in hard copy at the Winn Feline Foundation booth at conferences and shows attended by Winn in 2020 and 2021. Winn will be presenting the material in a webinar format April 30th, 2020. More details on the Webinar will be available soon.

About Winn Feline Foundation
Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies to improve cat health.Since 1968, Winn Feline Foundation has funded more than $6.9 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions world-wide. For further information, go to www.winnfelinefoundation.org.

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