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Winn Feline Foundation changes its name to EveryCat Health Foundation

We’re excited to announce we’re taking Winn Feline Foundation to the next level!

Originally named after the Cat Fanciers’ Association counselor, Robert H. Winn, to fund studies on diseases of pedigreed cats, we’ve long since broadened our mandate to include the health and well-being of pet cats, homeless cats, shelter cats…in other words, every cat! After 53 years, it makes sense that we affirm this commitment.

As of today, our name is changing to EveryCat Health Foundation!

Our new name enables us to reach a much broader audience and fund greater levels of the groundbreaking research we’re known for, improving the lives of all 80 million cats in the United States, and hundreds of millions of cats the world over.

We’ve also updated our website. It’s clean, contemporary, informative, and simple to navigate so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for.

EveryCat is the only organization solely dedicated to funding feline health studies around the world. There isn’t a cat on the planet that hasn’t benefited from our work. And our mission remains the same: EveryCat Health Foundation advances groundbreaking research and education that benefits every cat, every day.

Together with you, our organization has funded over $7.6 million in cutting edge feline health research, and our commitment is stronger than ever. Please join the evolution of our foundation as we further our mission to improve the lives of all cats.

Every cat, every day.