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Winn Announces New Feline Investigator Grant Award For 2017

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Wyckoff, NJ, August 23, 2016: Winn Feline Foundation announces a new grant award recognizing the importance of individuals seeking advanced training in feline scientific investigation and research.  The New Feline Investigator Grant Award will become part of Winn’s annual grant review in 2017.

Dr. Glenn Olah, Winn Feline Foundation President, stated, “It is my pleasure to announce that Winn has established an annual New Feline Investigator Grant Award. For now, this award targets candidates in advanced research doctoral training who show significant interest in feline health research. We hope this funding will promote interest in feline health research by individuals who are early in their investigative careers. There are many talented people working in research and retention of these people in feline health research is so important if we want to continue to improve feline health through science-based medicine.”

One grant award will be available to an individual who is in a DVM/PhD pathway with an interest in feline health from any of the universities or facilities that currently submit proposals to Winn for funding review. The total award will be $15,000, with $13,000 available for research and $2000 available for travel expenses to present study findings at a major veterinary conference.  Individuals applying for this new award will need to mark the appropriate box on Winn’s proposal cover sheet and follow Winn’s current guidelines available through our website at https://everycat.org/the-latest/grants/grant-process/ under Application Forms. The date applications are due for the 2017 grant review is December 12th.

The Winn Board of Directors anticipates seeking sponsorships for this new program by parties interested in supporting and growing the future of research in feline medicine. From one award, Winn hopes to expand to at least two awards of $15,000 and potentially another larger grant award to individuals in the early post-PhD phase of their careers in research where grant funding is particularly difficult to achieve. Interest in sponsorship of a grant award or questions regarding the new grant award can contact Vicki Thayer DVM, DABVP (Feline) at VThayer@winnfelinefoundation.org.

About Winn Feline Foundation

Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies to improve cat health. Since 1968, Winn Feline Foundation has funded more than $5.6 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions world-wide. For further information, go to www.winnfelinefoundation.org

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