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Why I Give Back to EveryCat Health Foundation

When I was growing up, my family used to frequent a local farm that sold fresh produce, eggs, and dairy. One day while we were picking out some produce, the farm owner said their cat recently had a litter of kittens and they were giving them away. All of them were adorable, but my mother said we could only choose one. Out of the litter of five kittens, one special orange and white tabby stood out amongst the rest because he was the smallest of his brothers and sisters. I immediately fell in love with him and knew he was the one I wanted to adopt.
As soon as he was old enough, we took him home, named him Nefi, and he stuck to me like glue practically every day as I was growing up. He was always at my side when I played outdoors, even followed me to the beach we lived near (but stayed far away from the water)! Ever heard of giving kitties “nose boops”? Well, reverse that, Nefi would wake me up in the morning by “booping” me on the nose with his paw!

In his senior years, Nefi developed some health issues, as most cats do. He developed a large mass on his neck, which was very close to the jugular, but thankfully the biopsy results came back negative for anything terrible, and it was safely removed. He had crystals in his urine, and the vet wasn’t entirely sure why. But they cleared up and he didn’t have any reoccurrences, which was great.

Then came the worst night of my life. Unexpectedly, with no previous signs or symptoms, he started to have seizures. We rushed him to the emergency vet hospital, and after multiple tests, they told us his that his kidneys were shutting down. There was nothing more we could do for him. We had to let him go that night. He was only 11 years old.

I learned the value of feline health research through this experience, and I decided that I wanted to help raise awareness for cat health and wellness in some way after I lost Nefi. It really doesn’t seem to be in the spotlight as much as it deserves to be.

After learning about their work helping cats since 1968, I knew this was a foundation we could get behind! EveryCat’s focus on funding health studies to improve cat health, and to advance treatments for many diseases and conditions (FIP, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancers, Asthma treatment, etc.) was exactly the relationship we wanted for our “coffee with a purr-pose” company!
We are so happy to support EveryCat Health Foundation by donating a portion of our proceeds to help make a difference for cats everywhere!



~Eniko G., Founder and CEO of Tabby Cat Coffee Co.


Eniko has loved cats all her life, and has a cat themed mug collection for every day of the week to drink her morning coffee from. In her down time from raising awareness for cat health, educating the public on various health conditions cats can face, and providing fun titled coffees to fellow cat lovers, she likes to explore historic towns and art museums, try out new restaurants, go on nature walks and take photos. She’s also an avid gardener.