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Why I’m “Springing Into Action” for EveryCat

If you’ve been to any of EveryCat’s social accounts or website recently, you have seen us asking you to “Spring into Action”. While we fundraise year round to provide funding for meaningful feline health research, this campaign’s timing is very personal to all of us here at EveryCat Health Foundation.

In March of every year, our amazing team on the Scientific Review Committee carefully analyzes the proposals we receive in our primary, and largest, annual grant cycle- The EveryCat Grant Cycle. The veterinarians, scientists, and researchers on this committee selflessly volunteer large chunks of their time for the reviews, all in the spirit of improving cat health worldwide. Our Board of Directors and staff are able to sit in for the review to listen to the incredible academic discussions and literally witness the decisions that will improve all of our cats’ lives.

For me personally, as a cat lover with no veterinary experience, I am in awe of the depth and passion given to these proposals on both the review side,  and from the researchers and institutions who envision and write these proposals.

I’ve also seen firsthand the  agonizing, tough decisions that have to be made, simply because of limited funding.

In the 2023 grant cycle, we received 39 proposals.  But we were only able to fund 11 of them. There were so many more worthwhile proposals that could have moved the needle even further in feline health research, but hard decisions had to be made.

This is why we are “Springing into Action” and asking for your help.

We want to be able to fund even more studies to help our cats. From FIP to nutrition, from to diabetes to kidney disease, and from HCM to cancer, we all want better lives for our cats. This is what “Springing into Action” is all about. Doing even better for our cats.

Because of EveryCat Health Foundation, my cats have the correct nutrition they need in their food. They were able to be spayed and neutered as kittens before I adopted them (or they adopted me). They receive life-saving protection from their vaccinations. And their veterinarian has research-backed knowledge to help me help them live healthy lives.  I am certain that in the future, any care or treatment they may need beyond their general health will be available because of EveryCat’s five decade history of funding feline health research.

Please consider making a donation that will help EveryCat Health Foundation move the feline health needle further. Help us “Spring Into Action!”



Whitney Armentor is the Director of Development and Marketing for EveryCat Health Foundation. She resides in New Orleans, Louisiana with her two rescue black cats, Buster and Rosie. Her days consist of getting the message out about EveryCat Health Foundation and meeting the demands of her tiny panthers.