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Planned Giving

Planning a loving legacy that benefits cats for years to come

Leave a legacy that enables you to be a part of the future of feline health care research. Depending on your goals, there are many kinds of estate gifts. You can donate money, property, stocks, mutual fund shares and bonds, even life estates. Contact us to get started.

Download our Planned Giving brochure.

Lifetime Gifts

Gifts made during your lifetime are a great way to contribute to the advancement of feline health.

A series gift is a great option if you have an amount in mind, but cannot make it all in one donation. Simply let EveryCat know the total amount you wish to give and the period of time over which you’d like to give it. We will send you reminders at the designated dates.

Property donations are an excellent way to serve both your tax needs and the advancement of feline health research. If you have investments or real estate interests that are appreciated in value, you can transfer them to EveryCat. The current value of the property is tax deductible to you, and you may avoid paying income tax or capital gains tax that would otherwise result if you sold the property at a gain.

A life estate is a way to donate your property and keep it, too. Transfer your real property to the foundation and retain the right to use it during your lifetime. The gift is tax deductible when you make it, and you retain the use of the property for as long as you wish. This type of giving works particularly well with real estate. You can even continue to receive income from any investment properties for your lifetime.

Please consult your financial professional for tax advice that is specific to your individual situation.

Legacy Gifts

Add EveryCat Health Foundation to your estate plans with a gift of any size. If you choose to name EveryCat as a beneficiary, please notify us when the will is executed. We recommend consulting with your attorney when drafting a will.

A specific bequest is a gift of a specified amount of money or of specific items of property. It could be land, stock, jewelry, a stamp collection, a car or any other personal property.

A percentage bequest is a gift of a certain percentage of your estate or a particular asset. For example, you might specify that your house be sold and that your heirs and EveryCat each receive half of the proceeds.

A residual bequest is a gift of all or a portion of the residue of your estate — what remains after debts and the expenses of the estate are paid, and all specific bequests to family, friends and other charities are honored. You may name EveryCat Health Foundation as beneficiary of the whole residue or a portion of it.

A contingent bequest is a way to remember EveryCat Health Foundation even if other needs must take priority. For example, you may wish to leave your estate to your spouse (or another person) if he or she survives you, and name EveryCat as beneficiary if your primary beneficiary does not survive you. Or, you may make your bequest contingent on the residue of the estate being a certain amount or more.

We will be happy to discuss your estate plans with you, your attorney, estate planner or financial advisor. Please contact Alisa Salvaggio, our Donor Care Specialist, at info@everycat.org