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Current Feline Health Research RFP Information

Beginning in 2024, EveryCat will offer two grant cycles per year, Spring and Fall.
These cycles will be open to all proposals and grants will be made in accordance with funds available and the stipulations of our donors. 


The EveryCat Health Foundation 2024 Fall Grant Cycle will open for grant proposal submissions beginning May 22nd, 2024. The deadline to submit grant proposals for the 2024 Fall Grant Cycle is August 30th, 2024 at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).

View the Fall 2024 RFP Guidelines.

Grant proposals must be submitted through the EveryCat Grant Portal.



To date, we’ve funded more than $10 million in leading-edge feline health research — critical work that continues to change the way veterinary medicine is practiced.

For additional information on EveryCat Health Foundation’s Grant Programs and our research funding, visit the Grants page.

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EveryCat Health Foundation Spring and Fall Grant Awards

  • The maximum grant amount is $50,000. Multi-year proposals totaling more than $50,000 will not be considered. However, continuation of studies in previous years will be considered and requests should follow the format outlined in the application guidelines.
  • Projects should have discrete and achievable goals within the $50,000 limit. They must demonstrate their relevance or benefit to improving feline health, particularly regarding domestic cats.
  • Submissions must be made through the EveryCat Health Foundation Grant Submission Portal


Between 10 to 20 research projects are typically funded each year. 18 projects were funded in 2023, totaling $566,076 USD.

Click HERE to see the 2022-2023 EveryCat Health Foundation Grant Awards.