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Open Grant Proposals

Current feline health research RFPs

Looking for research funding? EveryCat Health Foundation is proud to fund the following Request For Proposals (RFP) annually. To date, we’ve funded more than $8 million in leading-edge feline health research — critical work that continues to change the way veterinary medicine is practiced. We welcome your proposal for innovative scientific research that benefits every cat, every day.

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Every Cat Health Foundation does not currently have any open RFPs.

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Special Grant

Topics of Interest:
1. The Impact of Dietary Phosphorus and Calcium (CaP-K) on Feline Kidney Health
2. Early Renal Disease Biomarkers

EveryCat Health Foundation, in a special funding opportunity co-sponsored by Nestlé Purina Petcare and Mars Petcare, is funding grants that address the effect that dietary phosphorus and calcium to phosphorus ratio have on renal health in cats as well as biomarkers to detect early renal disease. Approximately $400,000 is available to fund proposals of sufficient scientific merit, relevance, and potential to impact feline health.

The overall goal of such research is to provide evidence that will lead to scientific consensus on safe levels and types of dietary phosphorus for feline diets. High priority areas that have been identified and will be given special consideration include:

  • Investigation of factors that influence phosphorus bioavailability and metabolism including source and form of phosphorus in foods.
  • Identification of biomarkers of renal injury (i.e., especially markers that detect early kidney changes before irreversible damage occurs).
  • Identification of in vitro assays that correlate with in vivo function of phosphorus sources.

“Kidney disease is the number one cause of death in older cats, but its cause is unknown. EveryCat Health Foundation has teamed up with two giants of the pet food industry, Nestlé Purina Petcare, and Mars Petcare, to fund health studies investigating these critical areas that improve the quality and longevity of every cat’s life,” states Drew Weigner, DVM, EveryCat Health Foundation’s Past President.

It is expected that most grants will be in the range of $10,000 – $50,000 for 1-2-year projects. Projects must demonstrate their relevance regarding the topic of interest and their benefit to improving feline health, particularly regarding domestic cats.
Exceptional grants may be funded for up to $100,000. These grants exhibit a very high degree of proficiency and pursue truly ground-breaking research into the topics of interest.

This grant is not currently open for submissions.

Application Guidelines and Grant Application Checklist can be found HERE

EveryCat Health Foundation Annual Grant Awards

The Request For Proposals for the EveryCat Health Foundation annual Grant is normally announced in late August/early September with a submission deadline in December.

EveryCat Health Foundation Grant awards are normally announced in mid-May of the following year.

This Grant is not currently open for submissions.

Between 10 to 20 research projects are typically funded. 15 projects were funded in 2021, totaling over $353,000.

  • The maximum grant amount is $35,000. Multi-year proposals totaling more than $35,000 will not be considered. However, continuation of studies in previous years will be considered and requests should follow the format outlined in the application guidelines.
  • Projects should have discrete and achievable goals within the $35,000 limit. They must demonstrate their relevance or benefit to improving feline health, particularly regarding domestic cats.
  • Application Guidelines can be found HERE.

Click HERE to see the 2021 EveryCat Health Foundation Grant Awards.

Miller Trust Grants

In 2002, the George Sydney and Phyllis Redmond Miller Trust designated EveryCat Health Foundation as one of its advisor organizations. EveryCat has subsequently been provided an unprecedented opportunity to make annual recommendations for grant awards to the San Francisco Foundation, trustees of the Miller Trust. The total grant funding varies each year. In 2021, EveryCat recommended 6 grants for funding, totaling $147,086.

Please Take Note: Based on the requirements of the George and Phyllis Miller Trust, proposals will be accepted only from principal investigators at the following institutions. Partnerships with listed institutions are permitted.

  • University of California, Davis
  • Colorado State University
  • Cornell University
  • University of Illinois
  • Iowa State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Missouri
  • The Ohio State University
  • University of Tennessee
  • Texas A&M University
  • Virginia/Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

The maximum grant amount is $35,000 for 1 – 2 year projects.

Requests for Proposals for Miller Trust Grants are typically announced in May with a submission deadline in August.

Miller Trust Grant awards are normally announced in December.

This grant is not currently open for submissions.