EveryCat Health Foundation currently has 2 open RFPs (Request For Proposals), the Miller Trust Grant, which closes on August 29th, 2022, and the CaP-K Grant, which closes on September 26th, 2022. For more information about the grants and how to submit a proposal, please visit our OPEN REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS page.

Grant Process

Supporting the future of feline health

Since its inception as the Winn Feline Foundation, EveryCat Health Foundation has awarded over $8 million in grants for scientific studies, encouraging veterinarians and researchers to focus attention on the health needs of cats.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has developed the Animal Health Studies Database (AAHSD), encompassing prospective veterinary clinical studies in a variety of species and disciplines. The database: www.avma.org/FindVetStudies

EveryCat policy on humane use of animals in grant studies

Founded and funded by cat lovers, EveryCat Health Foundation only supports research for which humane treatment of animals is assured. Any grant request including the use of animals must first be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the researcher’s institution. Next, EveryCat’s expert panel of researchers, veterinarians and cat fanciers and advocates complete an extensive review of the justification for the use of animals in the research. EveryCat periodically reviews our humane guidelines to assure we continue to meet or exceed current standards.

When it is determined live animals must be used by an investigator, only the fewest animals required will be approved, and only if the living conditions are sufficiently described and accepted as well within the definition of humane care. Any discomfort experienced by the animals must be treated.

EveryCat does not fund projects requiring euthanasia as an endpoint or the induction of disease or injury unless the nature of the disease or condition studied offers such significant improvement in feline health and such means are justified. EveryCat does not fund studies where the induction of disease is terminal.

At the conclusion of an accepted project, every effort must be made to adopt the cats used into loving homes.

Use of animals in scientific research is a topic taken very seriously by EveryCat Health Foundation.

EveryCat Health Foundation Board of Directors

Download our 2015 Humane Use of Animals Guidelines HERE

Application Forms

EveryCat Health Foundation provides the following Grant Guidance Information Checklist and collection of templates to assist in submission of grant proposals and grant reporting by awardees. EveryCat advises that you download these documents prior to planning and writing your grant proposal.

EveryCat also has available 10 articles related to study design, statistics and project development from major veterinary publications that can be sent upon request to grants@everycat.org

2022 EveryCat Grant Proposal Checklist

2022 EveryCat Grant Proposal Budget Template #1

2022 EveryCat Grant Proposal Budget Template #2

2022 EveryCat Grant Proposal Timeline Template #1

2022 EveryCat Grant Proposal Timeline Template #2

2022 EveryCat Grant Proposal Abbreviations-Definitions Template

2022 EveryCat_Progress_Report_Form

2022 EveryCat NCE Amendment Form

EveryCat Health Foundation is providing the following examples of grant proposals that were successfully approved for funding. These examples are an aid to other researchers on how to write and develop their own proposals to submit to EveryCat. Any further questions regarding EveryCat’s grant process can be sent to grants@everycat.org

Grant Proposal Example #1

Grant Proposal Example #2

Grant Proposal Example #3

Grant Proposal Example #4