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“I’ve loved and treated two cats with feline diabetes” – A Cures4Cats Story

Dear EveryCat,
I loved and treated two cats with feline diabetes. The first, “Gandalf the Grey,” introduced me to the condition and I learned so much through our experiences together that after Gandalf passed, I adopted a 10-year-old feline diabetic that I named “Murrlin.”

If not for the knowledgeable members of the Feline Diabetes Message Board, Gandalf would not have lived to be 18, his last 6 years as a diabetic. I learned how to test his blood glucose, or BGs, and even how to give subcutaneous fluids. Gandalf sat patiently for his tests and his shots, as well as the fluids. I adopted him as a tiny kitten and he was not a people kitty. He was my heart cat with a big rumbly purr. If I pestered him, he would even purr-growl. I miss him greatly and every cat I’ve had since owes a debt to him since he also taught me how to prevent feline diabetes with a species appropriate diet.

Murrlin flew to me from California through the Diabetic Cats in Need rescue. He went off insulin briefly, but when his blood glucose ranged higher than normal, he was regulated on only .5U of Levemir insulin. Unfortunately he never reached Gandalf’s advanced age because he developed a squamous cell carcinoma that took his life at 16 within 2 weeks of me noticing that his meow sounded different. That broke my heart as he was, ironically, such a sweet cat who deserved a longer life.

Despite the heart ache of losing them both, neither died from feline diabetes which is a treatable and even in some cases can go into remission.

Anyone faced with a diabetes diagnosis for their cat should know there are resources out there to help them.

Thank you to Every Cat for supporting research into feline diabetes. You have my permission to share Gandalf and Murrlin’s stories, so they might help other kitties as sweet as they were.