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W16-023: Mefloquine’s potential to inhibit FIPV infection in the cat

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal viral disease that affects cats around the world. The disease results in inflammation and accumulation of fluid in various body cavities, particularly in the abdomen. There are no treatments for cats with this disease. Recently, mefloquine, a medicine used to prevent malaria in people, was found to inhibit FIPV replication in laboratory cell cultures and holds promise as a potential treatment for FIV infected cats. This drug will be incubated in the laboratory with feline liver metabolism enzymes (known as microsomes) to establish mefloquine’s ability to bind to plasma proteins or remain free in the plasma, as the amount of medicine not bound to plasma proteins exerts the therapeutic effect. This data will indicate whether mefloquine is safe to be administered to cats and if so, what the initial dosages should be for FIPV affected cats. (Bria Fund Study)

Grant ID: W16-023

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2016

Amount awarded: $11,750

Investigator: Merran Govendir, BVSc, PhD, Jacqueline Norris, BVSc, PhD; The University of Sydney, Australia