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W15-013: A feline tumor necrosis factor inhibitor for feline infectious peritonitis

FIP is caused by a variant of a feline coronavirus and cats can develop FIP when their cellular immunity is insufficient to fight the virulent disease. As FIP progresses, lymphocyte loss occurs due to increased cell death impairing the cat’s ability to check virus replication. Lymphocyte loss in FIP is reported to be cause by tumor necrosis factor (TNF) -a. The researcher postulates that combined treatment with specific antiviral drugs that inhibit the replication of virus and direct counteraction of the detrimental effects of TNF-α by an inhibitor may lead to a better clinical outcome. The goal of this study is to evaluate suitable expression systems and biological function of a feline TNF-α inhibitor. (Bria Fund Study)

Grant ID: W15-013

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2015

Amount awarded: $23,758

Investigator: Yunjeong Kim, DVM, PhD, ACVIM; Kansas State University