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W04-033: EGFR and HERZ/neu expression in feline mammary gland adenocarcinoma and the effects of a novel EGFR inhibitor (Iressa®) on proliferation and apoptosis in vitro

Mammary gland tumors are a common tumor in the cat and most are highly aggressive tumors that will spread throughout the body. Treatment to date has included surgery with or without chemotherapy and/or radiation. However, these treatments have had disappointing results. A new drug, gefitinib (Iressa®), has been efficacious in human breast cancer clinical trials. Significantly fewer side effects occur with this drug than with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Gefitinib may prove to be a readily available and effective treatment for feline mammary gland adenocarcinoma. In this study, researchers hope to show that gefitinib will be an effective treatment for breast cancer in the cat.

Grant ID: W04-033

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2004

Amount awarded: $10,800

Investigator: Sarah C. Charney, DVM, DACVIM; Anne Barger, DVM, DACVP; Timothy Fan, DVM, DACVIM; L-P de Lorimier, DVM; University of Illinois