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W02-023: Immunopathogenesis of Systemic FIP and Prospects of Intervention

Feline infectious peritonitis is a common fatal disease in cats from pedigreed catteries and shelters. The disease is almost impossible to manage or treat, partly because it is difficult to diagnose and there is little information about immunity to the infection. Also, cats vary with respect to the types of lesions they develop, the way their disease manifests, and their ability to cope with the infection. Previously, this researcher studied cats with FIP in the brain to determine what immune changes occur in this form of FIP, because neurological FIP is less variable than dry or wet FIP affecting the entire cat system. Based on that work, this researcher is proposing additional research to understand systemic FIP and how it differs from neurological FIP. She is also proposing to attempt therapy in cats with natural FIP, using immune drugs identified in previous research. She will track the immune status of cats while they are being treated. This information will provide the most complete immunological picture of FIP to date and the level of response in naturally infected cats that could be expected using highly targeted therapies

Grant ID: W02-023

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2002

Amount awarded: $15,000

Investigator: Janet Foley, University of California-Davis