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W01-006: Pulmonary Distribution of Nebulizer Radiopharmaceutical in Awake Cats

Feline asthma is a common cause of respiratory disease and the incidence of it is on the rise. Feline asthma can lead to severe, potentially fatal respiratory distress. The problems with current modes of treatment include many potential side effects, difficulty in giving pills which results in poor compliance, and the fact that acute episodes need to be treated with intravenous injections. The objective of this study is to analyze the feasibility of using a facemask to deliver aerosolized medications. This method will deliver the medication directly to the site of inflammation. Inhaled medications usually require less medication with fewer side effects. Researchers will administer a compound to the cats that can be tracked in the lungs using a specific purpose camera. If cats tolerate this procedure, this will expand treatment possibilities for asthmatic cats.

Grant ID: W01-006

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2001

Amount awarded: $4,800

Investigator: Rhonda Schulman, Sonia Crochik, Stephen Kneller; University of Illinois