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MTW17-014: Development of cat genetic resources for standardized genetic testing

Genetic testing for diseases and traits for the domestic cat and its fancy breeds are now commonplace. Over three dozen laboratories worldwide provide genetic testing to breeders, owners and veterinarians who all need the correct information to make decisions regarding health and breeding practices. However, laboratories have different levels of expertise and access to cats because their major focus and or primary business may be a large commodity animal, such as horses and cattle. Although these laboratories may have the technical expertise to perform genetic testing in cats, they often lack the DNA controls (a sample from a cat with a particular disease or trait) to help validate the design of their assays. In addition, although the same genes are involved with many if not most traits and diseases between species, the nomenclature is entirely different between species, the mode of inheritance of the variant may be different and the risk of and clinical presentation of disease is often different. Thus, some genetic testing laboratories have provided inaccurate results and or have poorly reported information for their testing results for cats. The Lyons laboratory has the ability to resolve some of the problems faced by these laboratories. This proposal requests funds for a project that will assist all cat genetic testing laboratories around the world. The goals are to provide DNA controls for all traits and diseases to the testing laboratories and to provide a standardized set of reports that has the needed information and provides consistency and accuracy.

Sponsored by Wisdom Health

Grant ID: MTW17-014

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2017

Amount awarded: $11,740

Investigator: Leslie Lyons, PhD; University of Missouri-Columbia