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MT20-011: Feline congenital primary hypothyroidism: Establishing normal reference intervals and treatment guidelines

Hypothyroidism is a disorder characterized by a deficiency of thyroid hormone and is not well understood in kittens. The condition is associated with failure to grow, mental dullness, constipation, and death.  Treatment involves thyroid hormone supplementation which is readily available and inexpensive. Due to diagnosing hypothyroidism in a number of cases where orphan kittens failed to thrive, researchers have indicated this condition may be more common than previously known. Their goal is to establish normal reference intervals for thyroid hormone in kittens at 4 and 8 weeks of age, and to establish treatment guidelines for hypothyroidism in kittens.

Grant ID: MT20-011

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2020

Amount awarded: $35,000

Investigator: Karen Vernau, Stanley Marks, Sean Heulsebosch, William Vernau, University of California-Davis