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MT16-015: Susceptibility to dermatophytes and asymptomatic carrier state in Persian cats

Persian cats develop ringworm more often than other breeds of cats, which can be a particular problem in Persian catteries and a significant welfare issue for the breed. The investigators hypothesize that Persian cats’ susceptibility to ringworm makes them more likely than other breeds to become carriers of ringworm on their fur, and that this increased susceptibility to ringworm is related to a genetic defect resulting in inadequate immune response to this infection. They will test their hypothesis by characterizing the fungal communities (mycobiome) inhabiting Persian skin using molecular techniques
(Next Generation Sequencing), and they will investigate changes in the feline genome that could result in inadequate immune response and increased susceptibility to ringworm.

Grant ID: MT16-015

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2016

Amount awarded: $28,078

Investigator: Aline Rodriguez Hoffman, DVM, PhD, William Murphy, PhD; Texas A&M University