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MT16-010: Using carboplatin-impregnated hemihydrate beads as a cost-effective, local treatment for feline injection site-associated sarcoma

Feline injection site-associated sarcoma (FISAS) is an aggressive cancer in cats. It is critically important that a new treatment be investigated that is inexpensive, effective in preventing recurrence of tumor growth, and minimally invasive. Implantation of 2-3 impregnated beads may improve survival outcomes by delivering high concentrations of carboplatin directly to the tumor bed or sites of tumor recurrence. This study will measure the safety and effectiveness of using carboplatin-impregnated beads to fight FISA cancers.

Grant ID: MT16-010

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2016

Amount awarded: $29,169

Investigator: Heidi Phillips, DVM, DACVS, Elizabeth Maxwell, DVM; University of Illinois