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MT15-016: A multicentric study using mesenchymal stem cell therapy for chronic gingivostomatitis

Feline chronic gingivostomatitis (FCGS) is a poorly defined yet common disease characterized by severe inflammation of the gums and oral cavity. The disease is also extremely painful and debilitating. Treatment usually involves removing all the cat’s teeth with both antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs. These treatments, however, are not ideal and there are significant side effects that affect the quality of life for the cat. A previous study determined that fat-derived mesenchymal stem cells (adMSCs) can be collected and grown in the lab from a very small amount of the patient’s own fat. This treatment resulted in cure or substantial improvement in 71 percent of the treated cats. The improvement of mouth inflammation was associated with significant improvements in their quality of life. For this study, a larger group of cats with FCGS will be treated at two different leading veterinary hospitals – UC Davis (UCD) and Cornell University. Studies will also be performed to evaluate if adMSCs can be shipped over long distances without compromising cell quality.

Grant ID: MT15-016

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2015

Amount awarded: $33,994

Investigator: Boaz Arzi, DVM, AVDC, Dori Borgesson, DVM, PhD, ACVP; University of California-Davis