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MT13-010: 9 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative

Recent genetic tools for the cat, namely a DNA array with 63,000 genetic tests that could be assayed at one time, has created a leap forward for studying genetic diseases. Within months, instead of years, using 20 – 40 cats instead of large extended families, several diseases and their causative mutations have been identified within highly inbred cats. For example, recently four studies led to identifying important mutations causing hypokalemic polymyopathy, craniofacial defect, and orofacial pain syndrome -­‐ all in Burmese, and the curly coat phenotype in Selkirk Rex. Although the present DNA array assisted in mutation detection in inbred cats, a much higher density DNA array is needed to perform studies in less inbred cats, such as the normal housecat. This application proposes to whole genome sequence 9 cats (9 Lives) that have genetic disease traits previously identified, and will be the first step in providing a denser array and more accurate assembly of the cat genome. The data will make other genome studies more efficient and cost effective than to study each trait and disease of interest individually. It is hoped that this 9 Lives project will kick start a bigger, more ambitious effort to sequence 99 genomes of the cat – The 99 Lives Cat Genome Initiative.

Grant ID: MT13-010

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2013

Amount awarded: $30,552

Investigator: Leslie Lyons, PhD, University of Missouri – Columbia