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MT06-001: Expansion of the Shelter Population Index for Cats: Phase 2 of a Multi-institutional Study

Millions of cats end up at animal shelters and the resulting numbers that have to be euthanized each year are disturbing to all who care about animals. Two groups have partnered to develop a Shelter Population Index (SPI): shelters recruited by five universities and a coalition of other shelters. The SPI is designed to measure the performance of the overall sheltering system. The SPI will increase information that can be used to improve medical management of shelter cats while increasing public awareness of the magnitude of the problem of homeless, abandoned, marginalized, and feral cats in the community.

Grant ID: MT06-001

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2006

Amount awarded: $21,300

Investigator: John C. New, Jr., DVM, MPH, DACVPM, University of Tennessee