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W12-027: Development of outcome assessment instruments for chronic pain in cats

Cats are unique. They cannot benefit from the same pain fighting medications used in dogs, because they may cause serious side-­‐effects in cats. It is crucial that pain-­‐fighting, safe and effective medications are identified for cats. Studies must be carefully designed in order to prove that the potential new treatment option is effective. A major obstacle is the lack of reliable methods to measure pain in cats, thus proving treatment is appropriately effective. The goal of this study is to develop tools that can measure pain in cats and therefore appropriately design studies that will identify new treatments. The first tool is the “Feline Brief Pain Inventory”, which will be an owner completed questionnaire that will allow them to identify and report on how their cat behaves at home. The second tool is an activity monitor that can be worn on the cat’s collar while it progresses through its normal activities at home. Ultimately the monitor might identify the improved activity that can be related to adequate pain control.

Grant ID: W12-027

Status: Active

Year Funded: 2012

Amount awarded: $24,513

Investigator: Dorothy Cimino Brown, DVM, DACVS; University of Pennsylvania