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Experiencing VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) 2023

Veterinary professionals from across the country and around the world ALL came together (more than 20,000) last week at VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) 2023 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and surrounding hotels. This annual event is put on by the non-profit North American Veterinary Community (NAVC).

I’ve attended VMX for the last three years on behalf of EveryCat Health Foundation. While the meaningful education program, great exhibitors and colleagues, and the outstanding networking opportunities make each conference worthwhile, I have to say that this one exceeded expectation in so very many ways. It seems that we have finally broken through the limitations that the pandemic put on travel schedules and folks are again eager to learn and network. From large animals to small animals, exotic to domestic – this event has a little something for everyone.

Two dedicated EveryCat Health Foundation Board Members – Board Secretary, Steve Dale (Certified Animal Behavior Consultant) and Kara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition) both offered lectures on cat health and other topics. Additionally, various esteemed researchers that our foundation has worked with throughout the years presented their work in animal health. Notable information was available on everything from treating cats with chronic digestive issues to lymphoma; recognizing and treating pain and so much more.

While focused on animals and animal health, this conference is really about the people. At EveryCat, we are a dedicated community of people, helping people help cats. We attend on behalf of all cats – cat health, cat behavior, cat nutrition. On behalf of EveryCat, I was honored to meet some new friends at Veterinary Information Network (VIN), say a quick hello to many that we’ve worked with through collaboration and education at Royal Canin, Basepaws, Antech, and Boehringer Ingelheim, and to “CAT”ch up with colleagues from Morris Animal Foundation.

Thank you to the NAVC for the opportunity to provide such comprehensive education for veterinary professionals and for bringing some joyful moments to the lives that are so driven by compassion for others. While learning opportunities abounded – so did the chance to refresh through networking and sharing innovation and ideas.

I look forward to the next adventure that 2023 brings our way.

~Jackie Ott Jaakola, Executive Director, EveryCat Health Foundation