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EveryCat Investigating Cyprus Feline Infectious Peritonitis Epidemic

EveryCat Health Foundation is aware of recent news coming out of Cyprus regarding an epidemic of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in both community cats and indoor cat populations. We are taking immediate action to learn more about the validity and severity of the situation.

Our foundation is committed to advancing feline health through research and education. We are exploring further supporting health research opportunities which best lend themselves to these and all cats worldwide, today and in the future. We will share news on opportunities for action on behalf of cat health as it becomes available.

“EveryCat Health Foundation is keenly interested in learning more about this emerging issue in Cyprus and is poised to quickly help researchers investigate and validate this issue,” said Dr. Brian Holub, EveryCat Health Foundation Scientific Review Committee Chair.

EveryCat Health Foundation has been on the leading edge of FIP research throughout our 55-year history, and our current donor-supported Bria fund continues to support this important disease. We are steadfast in facilitating meaningful research surrounding this treatable disease and have funded more than 60 studies on this topic. Most recently those studies have included the following:

· MT22-019: Curbing FIP by targeting and blocking the viral ion channels.

· EC22-007: EIDD-2801 (Molnupiravir): establishing an oral dose and evidence for efficacy in cats with FIP.

· EC22-005: Acute phase protein and micro-RNA signatures for the diagnosis and prognosis of feline infectious peritonitis.

· W21-018: Determining the clinical efficacy and safety of remdesivir for the treatment of naturally occurring feline infectious peritonitis.

· W21-010: Development of a Rapid CRISPR CasRx Diagnostic Tool for Feline Infectious Peritonitis

To contribute to EveryCat Health Foundation’s Bria Fund for FIP Research, click HERE.