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EveryCat Health Foundation Honors Paula Gregg

EveryCat Health foundation is saddened to learn that Paula Gregg, beloved president of the Cat Writers’ Association (CWA), passed away on May 2, 2022. For her devoted leadership of CWA, and inspiring others to learn about cat care via her longtime blog (Sweet Purrfections), the EveryCat Health Foundation will name a grant in Ms. Gregg’s honor during the non-profit’s next grant review cycle in September.

“Paula was committed to furthering the human-animal bond, and was always a teacher, directing pet parents to better understand their cats,” says Steve Dale, secretary of the Board of Directors at EveryCat.

Gregg earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum Instruction Secondary Mathematics from Clemson University in 1998 and served as Academic Program Manager for Academic Affairs, South Carolina Commission on Higher Education for nearly 12 years (retiring in 2017).

She launched her blog in 2011 and soon became a leading cat influencer. In 2018 she became Vice-President at CWA and two years later took over as President. She was currently serving her term at the time of her passing.

“She was incredibly influential, supporting colleagues who write about cats and was a positive force,” Dale added.

Through its grant-making and education programs, EveryCat Health Foundation is responsible for the understanding, treatment, and prevention of many health-related problems in all cats, including Paula’s beloved Persians. The non-profit foundation is grateful for her collaboration and support of our work on behalf of all cats.

“The Board of Directors of EveryCat Health Foundation is honored to recognize Paula,” continues Vickie Fisher, President. “Cats, everywhere, benefit from her passion for their welfare, and, while we extend our condolences to the members of the Cat Writers’ Association on their loss, we salute them for their continuing commitment to communicating to the public about cat health and welfare.”