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Treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism with Carbimazole

Frenais, R., et al., Clinical efficacy and safety of a once-daily formulation of carbimazole in cats with hyperthyroidism. J Small Anim Pract, 2009. 50(10): p. 510-5.

Traditionally, medical treatment of feline hyperthyroidism has involved daily use of the azole drugs, methimazole or its pro-drug, carbimazole. Many cats require twice daily treatment with these drugs. A novel controlled-release formulation of carbimazole (Vidalta) has been developed by Intervet. These researchers evaluated the efficacy and safety of this new carbimazole formulation via a multi-center study of 44 client-owned cats with hyperthyroidism. Treatment was started at 15 mg/cat once daily, and dose was adjusted as required. Cats were followed for 53 weeks. The median dose over the study period was 10-15 mg/cat once daily. Clinical signs improved in almost all cats within 3 weeks after treatment was started. An increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) was noted in 25% of the cats, eosinophilia was noted in 20%, and lymphopenia in 16%. The researchers conclude that once daily administration of controlled-release carbimazole is effective with acceptable tolerance during short and long term treatment of feline hyperthyroidism. [SL]
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