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Survival of Cats with Heart Failure

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a common form of heart disease in cats. Nutrition has played an important role in the optimal treatment for heart failure in cats.  This study was designed to determine if there is a relationship between body weight or body condition and survival in cats with heart failure. Data from 101 cats with heart failure were evaluated regarding initial body weight and body condition score (BCS), subsequent changes in body weight, and treatment and were compared with survival times. Survival was significantly associated with body weight in this population of cats. The results suggested a “U”-shaped curve where cats with the lowest and highest body weights had reduced survival times compared with cats with body weights in the intermediate range.  The study did not demonstrate a statistically significant association between BCS and survival though the pattern was the same as for body weight. The median survival time for all 101 cats was 93 days. [VT]
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