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ProMeris(R) for Flea Control in Cats

Dryden, M., P. Payne, et al. (2008). “Efficacy of a topically applied spot-on formulation of a novel insecticide, metaflumizone, applied to cats against a flea strain (KS1) with documented reduced susceptibility to various insecticides.” Vet Parasitol 151(1): 74-9.

Metaflumizone (ProMeris, Fort Dodge Animal Health) is a new spot-on flea control product available for both dogs and cats. In this study, metaflumizone was evaluated for its efficacy against a strain of fleas known to have some resistance to other insecticides. Three groups of cats were utilized: eight adult domestic shorthair cats were treated with metaflumizone, eight cats were treated with fipronil/methoprene (Frontline Plus, Merial), and eight cats served as untreated controls. Each cat was infested with fleas on a pre-determined schedule and flea-combed at intervals. Treatment with metaflumizone provided at least 99.3% efficacy for 3 weeks post-treatment; then 97.4% at 4 weeks, 91.4% at 5 weeks, and 86.2% at 6 weeks. Fipronil/methoprene provided 99.6% efficacy at 1 week post-treatment; then 97.6% at 2 weeks, declining to 13.1% efficacy at 6 weeks. The reduction in flea numbers was significantly greater for metaflumizone than for fipronil from 3 to 6 weeks post-treatment.
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Heaney, K. and R. G. Lindahl (2007). “Safety of a topically applied metaflumizone spot-on formulation for flea control in cats and kittens.” Vet Parasitol 150(3): 233-8.
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Holzmer, S., J. A. Hair, et al. (2007). “Efficacy of a novel formulation of metaflumizone for the control of fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) on cats.” Vet Parasitol 150(3): 219-24.
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