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Phimosis in Cats

May LR, Hauptman JG. Phimosis in cats: 10 cases (2000-2008). J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. Nov-Dec 2009;45(6):277-283.

Medical records for ten cats diagnosed with phimosis were reviewed at Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Phimosis is a condition defined by the inability of the penis to be extruded beyond the preputial orifice due to either the absence of an opening or an abnormally small orifice. The problem can either be congenital or acquired. Causes of acquired phimosis included neoplasia, edema, inflammation or scarring secondary to trauma. Signs can vary from asymptomatic changes to narrowing severe enough to cause urine retention and death. The most common signs noted in this review were stranguria and pollakiuria, found in eight of ten cats. The median age of the cats was 18.6 weeks and diagnosis was made by physical examination alone. Surgical correction by widening the preputial orifice was performed in eight of the ten cats. Follow-up communications with owners indicated that surgical correction resolved the pre-operative clinical signs attributed to phimosis. [VT]

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