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Insulins for Cats: Glargine, PZI, Lente

Marshall, R. D., J. S. Rand, et al. (2008). “Glargine and protamine zinc insulin have a longer duration of action and result in lower mean daily glucose concentrations than lente insulin in healthy cats.” Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 31(3): 205-212.

This 3-way crossover study was designed to evaluate the effects of glargine (Lantus®), protamine zinc (PZI), and lente insulins in 9 healthy cats. Plasma concentrations of insulin and glucose were determined for 24 hours after a single subcutaneous injection of each insulin at 3-day intervals. Time to onset of action did not differ among insulins. The mean time to the glucose nadir was longer for glargine (14 hours), than for PZI (4 hours) or lente (5 hours). PZI was biphasic, with nadirs at 4 and 14 hours. The nadir glucose value did not differ among insulin types. The duration of action was similar for glargine and PZI, and was longer than for lente. A larger study is required to further compare glargine and PZI insulins in cats.
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Weaver, K. E., E. A. Rozanski, et al. (2006). “Use of glargine and lente insulins in cats with diabetes mellitus.” J Vet Intern Med 20(2): 234-8.
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Rand, J. (2006). “Editorial: glargine, a new long-acting insulin analog for diabetic cats.” J Vet Intern Med 20(2): 219-20.
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