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Infertility in the Female Cat

Axnér, E., E. Ågren, et al. (2008). “Infertility in the cycling queen: seven cases.” Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery 10(6): 566-576.

There are many potential causes of infertility in cats, and investigation must take into account many factors, such as nutrition, housing, environment, management, and infectious diseases. This study evaluated 7 queens with a history of infertility despite normal estrous behavior and normal mating behavior. All queens were over 18 months of age, and had been mated at least 3 times with fertile males without pregnancy. A detailed medical and reproductive history for each queen was recorded. Each cat had a complete physical examination, vaginal swabs for culture and cytology, and blood samples for infectious diseases and hormone levels. The uterus and ovaries of each cat were examined with ultrasound. Four of the queens were treated with antibiotics, and 2 went on to successfully deliver kittens. Of the other 2 treated cats, one was not mated again, and one was mated unsuccessfully. One queen was spayed due to the discovery of uterine pathology. For 2 of the queens, no definitive diagnosis was established and no treatment was given. In summary, 4 of the queens were diagnosed with uterine pathology, while no definitive diagnosis could be established for the remaining 3 queens. [SL]
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