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Improving treatment of feline kidney disease

Winn grant W12-039
Administration of pimobendan to cats with chronic kidney disease
Investigators: Mary Anna Labato, Brandi R. Gallagher, John Rush; Tufts University

MP900400715Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common reasons geriatric cats present to the veterinarian. CKD is considered irreversible and progressive, and effective treatments are limited. A common co-existing condition seen in feline CKD patients is heart disease. Two of the investigators in this study have administered pimobendan to cats with combined kidney and heart disease. The patients had developed congestive heart failure (CHF) secondary to intravenous fluid administration, a typical standard of care for kidney disease. In some of these patients, addition of pimobendan resulted in a great improvement in kidney values and clinical response. Tolerability and safety of this drug has already been established in cats with heart disease. This will be a pilot study to assess the tolerability of pimobendan in cats with CKD and search for benefits in comparison to the current standard of care. Investigating these observations in a larger study will help establish whether pimobendan could be a novel treatment for cats with CKD. 

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