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Importance of Body Condition in Cats With Cancer

Baez, J. L., K. E. Michel, et al. (2007). “A prospective investigation of the prevalence and prognostic significance of weight loss and changes in body condition in feline cancer patients.” J Feline Med Surg 9(5): 411-7.

Weight loss is a common finding in cancer patients for a variety of reasons. When the amount of weight loss cannot be accounted for by a simple decrease in food intake, it is termed “cancer cachexia.” This phenomenon is also seen in feline cancer patients. This study of 57 cats with cancer looked at weight loss and changes in body condition. The majority of the patients had reduced fat and muscle mass. Using a body condition score system of 1-9, cats with a BCS of under 5 had a median survival time of 3.3 months compared to a median survival of 16.7 months for cats with a BCS of 5 or more.
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