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Ifosfamide Treatment for Cats With Cancer

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Rassnick, K. M., A. S. Moore, et al. (2006). “Phase I trial and pharmacokinetic analysis of ifosfamide in cats with sarcomas.” Am J Vet Res 67(3): 510-6.

The principal objectives of the study reported here were to determine the DLT [dose-limiting toxicoses] and MTD [maximally tolerated dose] of ifosfamide when administered as a single IV dose and to characterize the pharmacokinetic pattern of ifosfamide in cats. We also intended to obtain preliminary evidence of antitumor activity of ifosfamide in cats with sarcomas.
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For more information:
Rassnick, K. M., C. O. Rodriguez, et al. (2006). “Results of a phase II clinical trial on the use of ifosfamide for treatment of cats with vaccine-associated sarcomas.” Am J Vet Res 67(3): 517-23.