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H1N1 influenza virus infection in a cat

Knight CG, Davies J, Joseph T, et al. Pandemic H1N1 influenza virus infection in a Canadian cat. Canadian Veterinary Journal. 2016 May 57(5): 499-502.

Human influenza virus is known to affect multiple species of animals. In this case, a cat was found dead in a home and presented for necropsy. Initial findings suggested respiratory tract disease, specifically viral pneumonia. Genetic detection and analysis revealed the presence of Influenza A (H1N1)pdm09, the pandemic strain of influenza which emerged in humans in 2009.

This is the first report of influenza in a Canadian cat. Influenza must be considered in cases of feline respiratory disease or distress, or sudden death.

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Bohr CV, DeBess EE, et al. Pathology and viral antigen distribution of lethal pneumonia in domestic cats due to pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influence A virus. Vet Pathol. 2010 May; 47(3):378-386.