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Feline Papillomavirus

Munday, J. S., L. Howe, et al. (2008). “Detection of papillomaviral DNA sequences in a feline oral squamous cell carcinoma.” Res Vet Sci 86(2): 359-361.

Oral squamous cell carcinomas constitute 7.5% of all feline cancers, and often lead to death in affected cats. In humans, these tumors are associated with papillomavirus in about 25% of the cases. To investigate the association of papillomavirus with feline oral tumors, 40 oral lesions (20 cancerous, 20 non-cancerous) were examined for viral DNA. Papillomaviral DNA was detected in one oral tumor, but not in any non-cancerous lesion. Finding viral DNA in only one tumor did not indicate a causal relationship. The finding of viral DNA does however indicate additional research into the carcinogenic potential of these viruses in cats is warranted; the carcinogenic potential of papillomaviruses in general and the finding here of viral DNA in a feline oral tumor hints at a possible role. [MK]
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Munday, J. S., M. Kiupel, et al. (2007). “Detection of papillomaviral sequences in feline Bowenoid in situ carcinoma using consensus primers.” Vet Dermatol 18(4): 241-5.
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