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Feeding Practices of Cat Owners

Laflamme, D. P., S. K. Abood, et al. (2008). “Pet feeding practices of dog and cat owners in the United States and Australia.” J Am Vet Med Assoc 232(5): 687-94.

The objective of this large telephone survey was to determine what and how dog and cat owners feed their pets. A random selection of pet owners were surveyed in multiple U.S. locations and 1 location in Australia. Over 1100 respondents provided data on feeding practices for 635 dogs and 469 cats. Over 98% of cat owners fed commercial food for at least one-half of the nutritional intake. In addition, 29% of cats received at least one-half of their diet from commercial canned foods, and 13% of cats were fed non-commercial foods as part of their main diet. Veterinarians were cited as the most common source of information on pet care and nutrition, but 16% of cat owners cited the internet and other media sources as their primary source of information.
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