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Efficacy of a Vaccine for FIV

Huang C, Conlee D, Gill M et al: Dual-subtype feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine provides 12 months of protective immunity against heterologous challenge, J Feline Med Surg 12:451, 2010.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) causes progressive impairment of the feline immune system, in time leading to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. A hallmark of FIV infection is the depletion of CD4+ T cells and a reduction in the CD4:CD8 lymphocyte ratio. This study’s purpose was to evaluate whether a 1-year duration of immunity against sub-type B FIV is attainable with the Fel-O-Vax FIV vaccine. Fourteen vaccinated cats were challenged with a subtype-B FIV strain 54 weeks after final vaccination. Ten of the fourteen vaccinated cats were fully protected for 48 weeks against infection with this FIV subtype. The levels of anti-FIV antibody noted for the vaccinated cats suggests that the three-dose vaccination regimen is capable of establishing and maintaining immunologic memory for at least 12 months. [VT]

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