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Difficulties with administering oral medications in cats

Siven M, Savolainen S, et al. Difficulties in administration of oral medication formulations to pet cats: an e-survey of cat owners. Vet Rec. 2017 Mar 11;180(10):250.

We all know how difficult our cats can be to medicate at home. Who hasn’t done battle to get that pill down the throat, or ear medicine in the ear without ending up wearing the medication. These investigators wanted to find out specifically what problems were encountered by pet owners in medicating their cat. They used an online questionnaire focused on oral administration of medication. Half of the drugs used were specifically for cats, while the remaining drugs were off label use of human or canine medications.

Approximately one fourth of owners were unable to give the medication as prescribed. Drugs designed specifically for cats were found to be much more palatable than drugs for other species. In addition, liquid formulations were found to be more palatable than pills. Despite this, most owners preferred pills to liquid medications for administration.

The investigators concluded that more palatable and easily administered oral medications are needed for cats – no surprise!  (MK)

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