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Diagnosis of Fetal Loss in Cats

Schlafer, D. H. (2008). “Canine and feline abortion diagnostics.” Theriogenology 70(3): 327-331.

Knowledge of the causes of pregnancy loss in the cat is limited and the success rate for making a definitive diagnosis is disappointingly low. However, there are opportunities to improve the diagnostic success rate. Causes of pregnancy failure are generally divided into infectious (bacterial, viral, etc.) and non-infectious causes (endocrine failure, endometrial disease, toxicities, genetic abnormalities, etc). This review articles describes how to conduct a thorough examination of aborted fetuses and placentas as well as microbiological techniques. Factors such as prompt submission of samples, use of special transport media, providing complete histories and full tissue sets can greatly improve feline abortion diagnostic rates.
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Pretzer, S. D. (2008). “Bacterial and protozoal causes of pregnancy loss in the bitch and queen.” Theriogenology 70(3): 320-326.
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