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Diabetes in Australian Cats

Lederer, R., J. S. Rand, et al. (2009). “Frequency of feline diabetes mellitus and breed predisposition in domestic cats in Australia.” Vet J 179(2): 254-8.

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in cats seen at two large cat clinics in Brisbane, Australia over a 5 year period was evaluated. Data was analyzed by comparing diagnosis among Burmese as compared to domestic short- and long-haired cats, and between males and females. Ninety-three of 12,576 cats seen at the clinic were diagnosed with diabetes, giving a 5-year period prevalence of 7.4 per 1000 cats. Burmese cats in this population were three times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than other cats. In addition, males were more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than females. Interestingly, Burmese cats were two years older on average at the time of diagnosis than the short- or long-haired cats. The underlying mechanism predisposing Burmese cats in Australia to diabetes mellitus is not known, but may be related to elevated amounts of lipids (e.g. triglycerides) in the blood, and inherited disorders of Burmese in Australia. [MK]
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Rand, J., L. Bobbermien, et al. (1997). “Over representation of Burmese cats with diabetes mellitus.” Aust Vet J 75(6): 402-405.
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McCann, T. M., K. E. Simpson, et al. (2007). “Feline diabetes mellitus in the UK: the prevalence within an insured cat population and a questionnaire-based putative risk factor analysis.” J Feline Med Surg 9(4): 289-99.
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