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Developing a Safe and Effective Anticoronaviral Therapy in Cats with FIP

W19-026   Developing a safe and effective anticoronaviral therapy in cats with FIP (continuation)   (A Winn-funded study interim project report)

Principal Investigators: Brian Murphy, PhD, Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD; University of California-Davis

Exciting Bria Fund news for 2020

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a common and generally lethal disease of domestic cats.   Over the past 5 years, and with the invaluable assistance of funds provided by the Winn Feline Foundation Bria Fund, this research group at University California Davis has conclusively demonstrated that naturally acquired FIP is a curable disease.  Through multiple collaborations,they have obtained and tested a set of 106 antiviral agents and have determined that 25 of these compounds inhibit FIPV replication.   Based on results of human studies, they believe that a combined anticoronaviral therapy (CACT) approach, simultaneously targeting multiple steps of the FIPV life cycle, will be most effective in treating cats with all forms of FIP disease, including inflammation of the brain and eye.  The results of their initial studies, although not immediately yielding a marketable drug for cats, lead them to conclude that that FIP is in fact a curable disease.

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Publication is pending.
Treatment options of FIP- Facts vs. Myths

Round table discussion, 2019 WINN Feline Foundation FIP Symposium, UC Davis,       November 16, 2019
Feline Infectious Peritonitis: has the sneaky coronavirus (finally) met its match?             
Midwestern University, Glendale AZ, Dec 5, 2019

Antiviral treatment options for cat with FIP: an update

Presentation for SOCK FIP, UC Davis, Dec 19, 2019

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Murphy BG, Pedersen NC, et al. The nucleoside analog GS-441524 strongly inhibits feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) virus in tissue culture and experimental cat infection studies. Vet Microbio. 2018 Jun;219:226-233.