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“D-Dimer isolation and analysis of immunoreactivity in dogs, cats and horses.”

W21-048    D-Dimer isolation and analysis of immunoreactivity in dogs, cats, and horses.  (An EveryCat-funded grant project interim report)                                                                                  
Principal Investigator: Juliet Brown, University of Melbourne

Blood clotting tests are used to diagnose clotting disorders such as blockage of the aorta and lungs, but no test has been developed specifically for cats. This study characterizes blood clotting compounds and evaluates tests existing for other species to verify their accuracy in cats.

Preliminary results just received indicate the currently available tests for D-dimer (the compound produced when blood clots pathologically) also cross-reacts with other blood compounds, making these tests inaccurate in cats and other species. However, the investigators have identified a procedure to identify D-dimer that may be more specific. The next step is to analyze the compounds identified in this new methodology to verify their accuracy in diagnosing blood clotting disorders. These studies are crucial in the progress toward using D-dimer assays in veterinary medicine.