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Cryptococcus infections in cats

Cryptococcus organisms
Cryptococcosis is a deep mycotic infection found worldwide and is the most common systemic mycosis of cats. The nasal cavity is suspected as the initial site of cryptococcal infection in cats. Other sites of involvement in cats include the skin, lymph nodes, central nervous system, eyes, and lungs. This study is a retrospective case series comparing clinical features of cryptococcosis among cats and dogs in California. Sixty-two cats had a confirmed diagnosis of cryptococcosis in the study. Diagnosis of cryptococcosis can be made through the cytological examination of smears or histologic evaluation of tissue samples. Latex agglutination assays of serum, urine, or cerebrospinal fluid have been used with increasing frequency to diagnose cryptococcosis. Serum cryptococcal antigen test results were positive in 51 of 52 cats. Cryptococcus gattii, primarily molecular type VGIII, was the species most commonly detected in cats. The greater number of cats had nasal or upper respiratory signs and cutaneous masses. [VT]


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