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Chest deformities in Bengal kittens

Charlesworth TM, Sturgess CP. Increased incidence of thoracic wall deformities in related Bengal kittens. J Feline Med Surg 2012;14:365-368.

There are several thoracic wall deformities described in kittens, including pectus excavatum (PE), flat-chest defect, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, pectus carinatum, and missing or extra ribs or thoracic vertebrae. In this study, clinical records made during examinations for routine vaccinations were evaluated in populations of domestic shorthair (DSH) kittens and Bengal kittens. The records for 244 Bengal kittens were reviewed and compared to those of 1748 DSH kittens. No thoracic wall abnormalities were recorded in the DSH kittens compared with 12 cases in the Bengal kittens. Among the 12 cases in Bengal kittens, the deformities detected were pectus excavatum (5), unilateral thoracic wall concavity (6), and scoliosis (1). There was a high degree of common ancestry found in analyzing five-generation pedigrees and this indicates a familial cause is likely. The data presented supports the hypothesis that these deformities are more common within the study’s examined population of Bengal kittens than a DSH population. Data also suggests that thoracic wall deformities may be a relatively common familial defect in Bengal kittens. Bengal kittens should have their thoracic wall carefully evaluated during routine clinical evaluation. [VT]

See also: Yoon H, Mann F, Jeong S. Surgical correction of pectus excavatum in two cats. J Vet Sci 2008;9:335-337. [free, full text article]