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Causes of Mortality in Swedish Pedigreed Cats

Egenvall A, Nodtvedt A, Haggstrom J, Strom Holst B, Moller L, Bonnett BN. Mortality of life-insured Swedish cats during 1999-2006: age, breed, sex, and diagnosis. J Vet Intern Med. Sep 22 2009;23(6):1175-1183.

In this project, a pet life insurance database in Sweden was used to study common causes of death in cats under 13 years of age. The total number of insured cats from 1999-2006 was 49,450. Most cats in the database belonged to a pedigreed breed. During the period studied, 6,491 cats died and of these, 71% had a diagnosis in the database. Overall mortality varied with age and breed, but was not affected by gender. The five most common categories of causes of death were: urinary problems, trauma, neoplasia, infections and cardiovascular problems. The mortality rates for Persians and Siamese were higher than most other breeds and the mortality rate for Bengals was low. The median age of death for cats in this population is over 12 years of age. [SL]

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