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Call for proposals in feline health for 2014 funding

IMG_7886The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization that funds research into health issues affecting cats. Since its inception in 1968, grants totaling over $4 million have been awarded by the Foundation for scientific studies, encouraging veterinarians and researchers to focus attention on the needs of cats. Studies applicable to all cats are encouraged. The Winn Feline Foundation is also interested in projects that address issues in individual breeds, nutrition, and behavior. Although we are interested in all areas of feline health, we also have dedicated funds for research in feline infectious peritonitis (the Bria Fund) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (the Ricky Fund). Applicants may be faculty veterinarians, post-doctoral fellows, practicing veterinarians, or veterinary students.

In Feb. 2013, Winn funded 9 new feline medical research projects for a total of $176,752 in areas such as asthma, feline infectious peritonitis, heart disease, ringworm, pain management, kidney disease, and more.

Successful recipients in our regular grant program are selected by our grant review panel at a meeting each February. The deadline for receipt of proposals for funding in 2014 is Mon. Dec. 9, 2013. Please note that Winn is now accepting all proposals electronically. The maximum grant award is $25,000 (US).