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Blood Pressure in Cats

Slingerland, L. I., J. H. Robben, et al. (2008). “Response of cats to familiar and unfamiliar human contact using continuous direct arterial blood pressure measurement.” Res Vet Sci 85(3): 575-82.

Blood pressure is an important measure of cardiovascular function that can be affected by both physical and pathological conditions. In cats, diseases such as chronic renal disease and hyperthyroidism may be associated with hypertension. Indirect measurement of blood pressure in cats can be determined in the practice setting using either Doppler or oscillometric machines. Only a few studies have evaluated normal ranges for feline blood pressure, and there are conflicting opinions on criteria for diagnosing hypertension. In this study, continuous direct measurement of arterial blood pressure (ABP) was carried out in 21 healthy cats via catheterization of the common carotid artery. The ABP was measured during rest, alertness, and activity and the response to be petted by familiar and unfamiliar people was also assessed. The mean blood pressure (MBP) in resting cats (114 mm Hg) was lower than in alert cats (123 mm Hg) and active cats (137 mm Hg). The MBP when being petted by a familiar person (145 mm Hg) was higher than during petting by an unfamiliar person (139 mm Hg).
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Jepson, R., V. Hartley, et al. (2005). “A comparison of CAT Doppler and oscillometric Memoprint machines for non-invasive blood pressure measurement in conscious cats.” J Fel Med Surg 7: 147-152.
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