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EveryCat Health Foundation’s official volunteer program is here!

Join us and make a difference by sharing how EveryCat funded research impacts cats, their owners, veterinarians and researchers every day.

How can you help?

Whether you are a veterinary health professional, a cat-owner or other member of the cat-loving community, this is your chance to help us inspire commitment to feline health and raise awareness about research.

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Volunteer Opportunities Available Now

Special Volunteer Opportunities for Qualified Veterinary or Medical Professionals

Pre-Vet, Vet, Vet Tech or Med Students

Are you an undergraduate or a veterinary or medical student or studying to be a veterinary technician? We’re recruiting student volunteers at all levels to provide information in person at events, to create fun and educational materials about cats or to write brief articles that summarize advances in cat health. Training is provided for all volunteers, and as an added bonus, students will learn more about cat health AND gain precious communication skills during their volunteer time.

Veterinary/Medical/Scientific Professionals

Are you a DVM, PhD or MD? Are you a Veterinary Technician? Education helps us grow the body of knowledge around feline health and medicine, which enables future scientific research. Volunteer your professional skills to:

– Distill research results into lay-language
– Write brief articles that summarize recent advances in cat health
– Be a moderator at a conference session
– Provide a few hours of expertise for “Ask a Vet” at a cat show or other pet event
– Engage in peer-to-peer conversations for EveryCat at veterinary conferences
– Join our Speakers Bureau and talk at events on your favorite feline health topics

Update from the Chief Cat-Herder

Welcome Volunteers! We are very happy to have you join us. Your passion and dedication will certainly contribute to the future of feline medicine and help EveryCat Health Foundation to benefit every cat, every day, everywhere. With the growing number of cat households throughout the world, volunteers like you play a vital role in advancing our mission and vision.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to be part of various projects and initiatives that align with your interests and skills. Whether it’s participating in events, engaging in outreach programs, or assisting with other tasks, your efforts will be valuable and rewarding. As a member of our volunteer team, you will have access to ongoing support and resources.

Should you have any questions, ideas, or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, the Cat Herder-in-Chief, via email: volunteer@everycat.org. Once again, on behalf of our entire team, I express our gratitude for your decision to dedicate your time, skills, energy and expertise to support EveryCat’s mission.



Georgia Arvanitis, Ph.D, Volunteer Program Leader

Long-time cat lover and EveryCat supporter, Dr. Arvanitis contributes to EveryCat Health Foundation by spearheading the Volunteer Program as the “Cat Herder-in-Chief.” Her charge is to engage and support volunteers passionate about EveryCat’s commitment to feline health research and education.

Dr Arvanitis provides training, talent development and enhancement of individual volunteer skills. In addition, she helps develop collaborations with a variety of groups, including professional organizations, educational institutions, community associations and other cat-centric groups. Her goal is to match volunteers with the right project area so they thrive and inspire dedication to feline health and research.

Dr. Arvanitis received her Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University and her post-doctoral work included a visiting assistant professorship at Rutgers University Center for Molecular Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry, where she studied DNA-drug interactions. She served as Professor and later Chair of Chemistry at The College of New Jersey, where she directed a research group that focused on antimicrobial and anti-tumor drugs for two decades.

Dr. Arvanitis has long been enthusiastic about cats, and especially feline health. She served on her local township’s Animal Advocate Committee, and was instrumental in bringing about the first Trap-Neuter-Return resolution in central NJ. She shares her New Jersey home with a trio of rescue felines, doted on by her and her husband, Dr. Michael Berardini, also a fellow cat lover.

Volunteer! Help EveryCat help every cat every day!