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Cat Memorials

For special cats who are loved by special owners

The grief one feels when losing a beloved cat is no different than losing any of our loved ones. In memory of your beloved companion, you can make a gift that helps every cat, every day. For a donation of $100 or more, an EveryCat Health Foundation’s Remember Your Cat memorial commemorates your special bond of love while funding the research and treatment that enriches the lives of countless other cats around the world.

Dylan and Arran

Dylan and Arran are two wonderful boys who were dearly loved and sorely missed.  Two bob-tailed, rescues, both as kittens, who have shared my life for 17 wonderful years.

Sally Davenport


This is a picture of Sonny’s sister, Cher. She came home with Sonny when they were 10 weeks old.

She was a beautiful Seal Point Himalayan and she passed away 8 months before her brother. That was a shock, but she had lots of health problems also.

There were really great times with both of them and they truly loved each other. She mocked me whenever I would do a grunting sound. Loved to play and snuggle.

We miss her very much but so happy she was part of our lives for 16 years.

Marian Hawkins


This is Kaspurr our beautiful girl who brought much love into our home. Love and miss you still.

Susan Moller

Catsandra and Catawampus

Catsandra-The loving genius

Catawampus-Too hard of a life

Melanie Dziadulewicz


Remembering all the love our big boy Teddy shared with us. Miss you!

Susan Moller


Delancy was a long hair American Curl, that was a CFA Grand Champion and had also produced over 7 Grand Champion kittens. She won the award of Distinguished of Merit. She was very sweet and loving and was my emotional support cat. She passed suddenly which was a huge shock and very depressing. However, her son Coco has stepped in to be my current emotional support cat.

Jane LoPresti


Our handsome “Moses” who adopted and took care of our family while my Marine Corps husband was serving in Iraq.

Jessica Mace


He was my heart and soul cat. I lost him to lymphoma. I love you sweetheart!

Barbara Reed


Thomas was my soulmate; he had angelic baby blue eyes and a sweet, innocent, curious demeanor. I was grateful to spend seventeen years with him. His ashes will be mixed with mine when I pass so we can be together forever. Until we meet again, my baby boy.

Rosie Scott 


This is a picture of our sweet and loving Chocolate Point Himalayan. He had the dreaded heart disease that was diagnosed at age 2. He passed away at age 16. He put up with lots of medicine and doctor visits especially later in life. He literally opened his mouth for us to put in medicine drops. We miss him so much even though it has been 2 years since we lost him.

Marian Hawkins