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Cat Memorials

For special cats who are loved by special owners

The grief one feels when losing a beloved cat is no different than losing any of our loved ones. In memory of your beloved companion, you can make a gift that helps every cat, every day. For a donation of $100 or more, an EveryCat Health Foundation’s Remember Your Cat memorial commemorates your special bond of love while funding the research and treatment that enriches the lives of countless other cats around the world.


Mary Catherine Shamrock Odell

June 2003 – December 5, 2019

You were so tiny when I plucked you off the street so long ago. Our vet didn’t think you would make it, but you did, beautifully, for over 16 1/2 years. You were the last of the 5 cats that Carter grew up with, and it never gets any easier. We will love you and miss you forever. Rest well, little Shamrock.

Millicent and Carter Odell


Sofie was the most loyal cat with a generous, loving heart and super plumpable belly.  We are heartbroken without her purrs and headbutts for treats.  Thank you for 13 years of love, companionship, and joy.  We love you forever Sofie.

Carin Cozza


We found Nugget at four weeks of age, alone and screaming alongside a highway in Oklahoma City.  Nugget played like crazy, loved crinkle balls and would even play fetch with us.  He was only 11 months old when he died.  Our hearts continue to ache for Nugget.

Chris, Kim and Evan Bird


How to write about you, my treasure?  I’m overwhelmed with grief when I think of what you suffered on this earth.  If only I had had you when you were newborn.  I must trust you know how very much you meant to me, how deep and everlasting the love I have and eternally will have for you, my unicorn.  Rest in my heart always.

Lorna Kriss


Rascal and I found each other during a lonely and trying time in both our lives.  His previous owner died and he sat for 7 long months in that shelter, feeling hopeless and abandoned.  The love, companionship and joy he brought me can neither be measured nor repaid.  That his end from CKD was brutal, ravaging his body, leaving him helpless and defeated, was too much for us both to bear.  This gift was given in his honor, in the hope that this heinous disease will be eliminated forever.  Mama love you forever, little Rascal.  You are always in my heart, as I am in yours.  Once I was your angel, and now you are mine.

Evan Jane Kriss

AllCats R. Grey

April 3, 2001- July 1, 2019

In the caves, all cats are grey.

In the caves, the textures coat my skin.

In the death cell, a single note rings on and on and on.

Kitten or Goblin Queen, you are the first and best girl, always.

Bascha & Matthew

Gracie Atrat

Our hearts were crushed when Gracie passed. Part of our lives for so long, we feel lost without her. She was the sweetest cat we’ve ever known. We’ll never forget her chattering at the birds outside, playing with her toys, and watching her eyes light up with excitement. We love and miss you so much. Like we always said; always and forever, my princess.

Paul and Bethany Atrat



Penghel was a huge part of our life, he was funny and at the same time grumpy. We couldn’t imagine life without him. He was diagnosed with RCM and was gone within few weeks, left us devastated. We hope no one goes through this with help of more advanced research.

Parisa Kamgar


For Clooney, beautiful young tabby adopted from a rescue group after being abandoned by a feckless family. He was a “dog in a cat suit,” loved everyone and vice versa. Killed by FIP in Sept 2018. He deserved so much more. RIP, beloved “Big Bear.”

Fred Lynch


“WOW, What a cat.” KC you will be in our hearts for ever with our love Mom, Dad and your big brother OG and sister Sitka, both Malamutes.

Bev and Rex La Brie